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MZONE TRAINING was established in 2012 by its Founding President Marlon Molmisa. It started with a vision to help more individuals from various sectors and age groups to increase their potentials by developing their leadership skills. Its Founder highly believes in the power of strong leadership in building strong organizations which eventually can contribute to the strength of every nation.

For the past five years, Mzone focused on the development of schools and universities by training students and school leaders. Now, it is expanding its networks and serving more corporate clients. Our story continues. We are excited to reach more locations all over the globe.


We are discovering, developing, and deploying speakers, trainers and consultants who provide informative, inspirational, and interactive learning experience in every organization, in every generation, in every culture and in every nation.


To be one of the most credible and leading training company and talent management of speakers and trainers in the globe.


Our company is fueled by our core values. These are the pillars of our success. These are the non-negotiables that we apply in every transaction that we have. These the the 5 core values of Mzone Training.

Faith 100%
Leadership 100%
Relationships 100%
Passion 100%
Service 100%
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Speakers Hub

Our primary goal is to discover and develop speakers and trainers. As of now, we have 6 homegrown speakers and 19 accredited trainers for our two main programs.


Mzone Training specializes in soft-skill workshops, public events and HR related training that can develop people and the organization.

Team Buildings

At Mzone, there are three categories for our team building facilitation: (1) Team Building - for new organizations. (2) Team Alignment - for struggling organizations. (3) Team Bonding - for healthy organizations.


We publish ideas. Our business is continuing education which comes in any form. This includes books. We sell books that are useful for the development of people.


We meet our clients over a coffee or in a board room. It is in the form a one-on-one coaching to make the best plan for their career, business and/or organization. We create results and not just have meetings.

Digital Marketing

We can boost your business through digital marketing. We can handle your social media accounts, create powerful posts, and generate outputs from any online initiatives.

Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines
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  • The Culture of Unilab That Changed My Leadership

    Can you imagine a group of fish that can swim with the sharks without being eaten alive? What kind of guts do they have  to co- exist with the monsters of the sea? What will happen if afterwards these miniature creatures suddenly reversed the trend and became the masters of the sea in both the red and the blue ocean?

    From a small corner drugstore, United Laboratories Inc has grown to be the country’s top pharmaceutical company with over 20% market share in an industry dominated by the world’s biggest pharmaceutical multinationals. The reasons that made this a reality remains to be a mystery to its competitors. This is a secret that can only be revealed when you’re within the zone, working with heroes that made the impossible possible.

    I was fortunate enough to be a part of this company in March of 1999. It allowed me to discover the 3 secrets that transformed this company from good to great. Do you want to know the secrets? Here are our 3 ingredients: First is the Vision of our Founder Jose Y. Campos, second is the Bayanihan Way of life in UNILAB, and third, our people.

    Allow me to connect these 3 points in a very simplified way based on the stories that I’ve heard from the veterans of this company. I somehow visualized a young Jose Y. Campos peddling supplies and medicines on his ever reliable bicycle in the streets of Manila. He had a vision of establishing up a store that would make more drugs available at more reasonable prices.

    And so in his mind he formed a new management philosophy that is truly Filipino in nature, one based on bayanihan or working together. Our Filipino values of pakikisama, hiya and utang na loob enriched the management style he created.

    Thus, the Bayanihan way of life in UNILAB was born. It is a system of working together as one to achieve a common goal. It is where the President down to the last man standing will never ever stop until the goal is achieved. And this way of life has been passed on from generation to generation.

    UNILAB’s success is not dependent on the intellectual and analysis paralysis line of thinking. 

    UNILAB did not really rely on  the expats or top corporate executives. UNILAB’s greatest asset is its human asset. Ordinary persons with extraordinary amount of passion and determination. These are the group of fish that can swim with the sharks without being eaten alive. Heroes that are united in thought and in action and singing in one voice:

    Unilab, Unilab tinig nati’y nagkakaisa, kalusugay kayamanang tunay sa buong sambayanan inaalay.
    Unilab Unilab kapit bisig nating ipahayag. Ang bayanihan ating napatunayan siya’y landas tungo sa kaunlaran.
    What a moment, what a song, what an inspiration!

    This year marks my 20th year in UNILAB and I can still feel the culture instilled in my mind and heart. The spirit of Bayanihan is still burning within me and it will never ever stop. I am 45 years of age, but the enthusiasm is still like that of a newly hired individual. 

    I made Bayanihan as a way of life. I shared this culture in our Metro Lipa Toastmasters Club when I was the President last year. This became our mantra that led to our first ever President’s Distinguished Club Award, the highest award given to a club by Toastmasters International. This was done after 14 long years of existence as a Toastmaster Club! 

    Thanks to Bayanihan. In my family where we are facing adversities because of my wife’s end stage renal failure, the Bayanihan culture is within us because I cannot handle the situation alone. I, my wife and my kids are working hand in hand to be a group that will continue to live, love, and learn as one cohesive unit with the guidance of our Almighty God.

    Bayanihan is a leadership principle that can guide us to success. This can also be considered as a partner of our Underdog Leadership program where we work not because of position but of passion. 

    We see ourselves as brothers and sisters with one common goal. It is where dedication, hard work, and integrity truly exist. It will truly bring an organization to change going from point A to Point B, from good to great, and from success to significance.


    JOEL CACANINDIN has been working with UNILAB Inc, the largest pharmaceutical in the Philippines, as a Business Development Executive. He has been in sales and distribution for more than 20 years. Joel is an accredited speaker and trainer of the Underdog Leadership Program and AMBK Program of Mzone Training. Currently, he is serving as an Area Director of Toastmasters in Batangas area. He received the President’s Distinguished Award from the Toastmasters International and an International Speech Championship Award in 2017. Joel earned his Nursing degree at Fatima University and passed the Licensure Exam as the 19th placer in the 1995 Nursing Board Examination. In 2018, he earned his Masters degree in Business Administration from Philippine Christian University.

  • Never Too Young To Lead

    Do you remember the first leadership role that you have taken when you were young? 

    I remember when I was elected as the class president way back when I was in first year high school. I don’t want you to get the wrong impression. But I only got the position because my friends had set me up. 

    Our section, out of all the classes in 1st year, was the nosiest. This is because I never took the initiative to tell my classmates to be quiet. I just let them run wild. At first they loved it. But later on, some of my responsible classmates noticed it. 

    Then, they came with an agreement to impeach me and elect a new president, someone who is more deserving. It is funny to say that the people who elected me to be in the position were also the ones who took away my power. I felt at that time that there was a mini coup d’etat in the classroom. 

    On the bright side, they were able to gain a sense of unity by working for a common goal of overthrowing their irresponsible president. And guess what, they succeeded and later on gained their freedom and their independence on that day.

    I was reflecting on my experience, I learned that in an organization, most of the power comes from the members, and not from the leader. When they feel that you are not doing your job as a leader, they may work together and overthrow you, just like what happened to me when I was their president.

    John Maxwell (1993) in his book, “Developing the Leader within You,” shared the 5 Levels of Leadership:

    • Position – people follow you because they have to
    • Permission / Relationship – people follow you because they want to
    • Productivity – people follow you because of what you have done for the organization 
    • People Development – people follow you because you reproduce leaders
    • Pinnacle / Significance – people follow you because of who you are

    In John Maxwell’s context, I was only at the 2nd Level of Leadership which is Permission. Majority of my classmates entrusted me to be their leader because I was friends with them since elementary. 

    However, I failed to produce results for the organization. Hence, I got impeached in the process.

    In 2016, I joined Toastmasters International because I wanted to work on my communication skills. It is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership through a worldwide network of clubs with over 352 000 members and 16 400 clubs worldwide. 

    I joined a club near me in Lipa, Batangas with the influence of my dad. We conduct meetings twice a month in a cozy café. I have been surrounded by college students, corporate executives, accountants, restaurant owners, former politicians, teachers, school owners and other young professionals in Lipa who wanted to work on their communication and leadership skills. And I became good friends with them.

    Then 2 years later, this 2018, I became the president of our club - I am the youngest ever in our area and probably one of the youngest in the country or even around the globe! I would not be surprised if one day, there would be another coup d’etat behind my back. 

    Kidding aside, in my four months of being president I learned one important element of leadership that helped me become a more mature leader than I was before. 


    Respect for yourself. 

    Respect for your team. 

    Respect for your members. 

    If you are able to respect those three, the rest would follow. It’s not about age, position, or status. It’s all about “Respect.”

    When I was the class president, I failed to understand this element. I never respected myself because I never wanted the position in the first place. I never respected the organization because I really didn’t care and I just minded my own business. I never respected my classmates, because sometimes, I would be the one to start the ruckus in the room while making fun of someone. 

    Today at 20 years old, I can say that I’m one of the youngest presidents in a Toastmasters club. I can assume the reason why they chose me is because of the relationship that I have built with them through the years.

    Last year, our former club president made a history of achieving “The President’s Distinguished Club,” the highest award a Toastmasters club can achieve within a year. I will be honest in saying that I am feeling the pressure. But this is a good opportunity for me to move to the 3rd Level of Leadership which is Productivity and do what I failed to do back then.

    The challenge as the new president is to keep up with the previous president’s performance. I have looked for opportunities to improve our club. One way is to tap the digital platform and use it to increase our membership base. As of now, I’m studying digital marketing to increase the online presence of our Toastmasters club. 

    I created online surveys to know the market of people who can potentially join and segment them in terms of age, occupation, geographic factors and align our promotions with the characteristics of the respondents. Increasing our online presence gives better chances of increasing potential members which is what we need right now to keep up with last year’s performance.

    Just as Sun Tzu said in The Art of War, “Knowing the enemy is winning half the battle.” I have identified the problem with my previous leadership style which is delivering performance and results for the organization. I may still have a long way to go, but now I know where to start.

    Some may say that I’m too young to lead experienced professionals. Some people may think that they’re too old to follow their dreams. But leaving all excuses aside, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook when he was only 19 and Colonel Sanders founded KFC when he was around 40. Leadership is never defined by age. Always remember that you are never too young or never too old to make a difference. With God’s amazing grace, everything is possible! - Norman Cacanindin, 2019

    NORMAN CACANINDIN is a fresh graduate of Marketing Management of De La Salle Lipa. He is the current President of Toastmaster Metro Lipa. Now, he is one of the speakers of Mzone Training under the Underdog Leadership and "Ang Mahalaga Bumangon Ka" Program.

  • 7 Lessons That I'll Bring This 2019

    Now writing, December 31, 2018 at 10:20 PM, less than two hours before 2019 starts.

    After watching an investigatory film, I opened my Facebook messenger to see if there are any new messages. To my surprise, I got a handful of encouraging notes to continue what I’ve been producing with my content – a few tips here and there, advice from my own Facebook page, and now that I just came back to blogging, some good “how-to” articles to help people do better in business and in life.

    As we end this year, let me give seven personal lessons I learned. Some of these may not necessarily come from this year, because some have been just emphasized (or relearned). There are a few lessons that are new to me. These are also the principles that I’ll bring from 2018 to this year and to the rest of my years (hopefully they’re still relevant until my last age).

    1. More than the motivation: inspiration with discipline

    To be honest, I have been part of a set of people who used to look for motivation from external sources – may it be finding and reading quotes of top personalities (speakers/authors/ministers), reading self-help books, watching videos, and chit-chatting people to get motivated.

    However, in the days where you don’t have the drive and will to keep moving forward and are being tempted to slack off the whole day (even while you’re in the office), discipline is a must.

    Discipline comes with the inspiration that pulls you toward a transformation and change that must be made. It lasts, and it may be hard at the beginning, but when you’ve always pushed yourself to do things right, you end up getting better results.

    Self-discipline is one key to success. With discipline, you learn, you grow, and you move towards your goal.

    The motivational part, in most cases, is just movement of emotions, is short-lived. It doesn’t sustain your growth. You heard a great speaker in a seminar, then once he went off the stage, your emotions die down, and so that temporary motivation goes down.

    With the inspiration that is accompanied with discipline, you draw something from the inside – your purpose, your core values, your mission, and vision in life. And with the right thinking and proper attitude and skills, use them all to do what you can do best every single day.

    2. Get wise counsel

    I don’t know everything. And even in my fast-paced learning moments, I can’t assure myself I could understand how to manage the ambiguities in life. There are instances when I don’t know what to do, and the only way to make the right decisions is to ask for counsel and advice from trusted and credible people.

    Why do I have to emphasize trusted and credible? Because not all of the people around you are credible — they may listen to your stories, but haven’t gone through the almost same problems that you face. The ones that are credible are the people who’ve had experiences similar to yours, overcame difficulties if there are, and they have the same core values — these are the ones you and I should be looking for.

    And trusted — do you know people you’ve told your secrets before, and later on, found out that they shared it away to their friends? This is the saddening truth of life.

    Get counsel from as many godly, trusted and credible people so you would have different point views, pros and cons if you do this and that, be able to see your blindspots (we all have them, and we should all be aware) and from this, you and I will make up our minds with the guidance of the Lord.

    3. Face problems head-on

    I liked what Pastor Dennis said in his Instagram post, “Life is never kind to the areas we neglect.”

    One neglect leads to another. And little did we know, it is one beginning of an unexpected disaster in our lives.

    If there are things that have to be fixed right away, do not neglect solving problems. Be intentional in facing them. Though we have the option to run away from it, sooner or later, we’ll encounter just the same problem, but now a bigger and wider one to solve.

    In my line of work, we encounter different business problems, different clients with different personalities and issues in their businesses. I couldn’t just choose running away as my option. I have to talk to my colleagues, get them involved and make a firm decision on how to solve the issue.

    4. Develop yourself so you can develop others; lead yourself so you can lead others

    The good thing with reading books from different authors about one subject area (e.g., leadership) is that you’ll be able to widen your perspective on certain things which include best practices, relevant issues, and how the author addresses each need.

    One common denominator that I’ve found to be true in all books is this point – lead yourself so you can lead others well.

    Leading yourself is not bragging your position, your rights, and your abilities. You don’t drive yourself to prideful situations.

    You lead yourself to giving service to many people, to self-denial, to self-sacrifice, and to self-development. Because once you grow and become more valuable, you can add significant value to a friendship, mentorship, and leadership in all areas. The value itself once applied and taught to subordinates will bring tremendous growth to your organization.

    5. Be careful with who you listen and watch

    These days is the age that we can Google everything we want to know. But not wisdom and insights.

    It takes some time to identify who is telling the truth and who is just giving you shallow advice. It takes some critical thinking skills to separate the wheat from the chaff, and bones from the meat.

    That is why learning is important for you to see both sides of the story and issue.

    More ideas aren’t equated to better ideas. Some ideas are just cluttered that can confuse the mind and misdirect to its intended purpose. Some ideas are shallow and don’t have any substance.

    Be careful with what you put into your mind.

    By God’s grace, I have become more careful and discerning this year than last year.

    6. Simplify productivity

    We sometimes overcomplicate things. And yes, I do that most of the time.

    One example is that I always lean on tools and devices to improve my productivity for the past years. Without several apps and offline tools, I tend to lose focus and know for sure I couldn’t accomplish my big priorities in the day.

    This year, I have simplified things. I use my journal where I put all my priorities (Big 3) for the day. And with a little help of Google Calendar to schedule activities, I could easily see where my commitments are in place. Fewer tools, more productivity.

    Two weeks ago, I purchased my own set of Full Focus Planners from the Michael Hyatt team – helping me set my goals in writing (both achievement and habit goals), put my daily priorities and schedules on paper. A planner, journal, and a calendar – classic yet helpful.

    Because productivity is not about the tools, it is about the system and the person doing it.
    These tools, whether they are free or not, won’t be a big help, in my opinion, without self-discipline and a 20,000 feet perspective on your goals for the year.

    7. Build your foundation and know life essentials

    What brings me hope? What keeps me going? Who am I? Why do I need to do all that I am doing? Purpose, visions, mission, goals, identity, morality (ethics) — though you and I heard them all the time from many sources, if they are not determined and clarified, we can easily be swayed by the wind.

    What is essential to you? What is essential to me? With all the material things in this world, what makes your life worth-while to live?

    If testings come and we’re not prepared to answer those mentioned above basic existential questions of life, we are in trouble.

    So I ask you to search for the deeper meaning of life. You only have 75 or 100 years to live, every hour and minute counts. So make it count.

    < End —11:07 PM, will go back to watching movies. Happy New Year everyone!


    Venchito Tampon is an author, Mzone Training speaker, and digital marketing CEO. At the age of 21, he pioneered SharpRocket, a premiere digital marketing company in the Philippines that caters to local and international companies – from small to medium sized businesses to Fortune 500s. The office is currently based in Ortigas and his highly skilled team is composed of 18 members.

    This blog was originally posted on his personal blog: 
  • Corporate Speakers and Trainers in the Philippines

    Mzone Training has in-house speakers and trainers that are experts in their various fields. Mzone offers speakers for the following:

    • Basic Leadership Training
    • Work Life Balance/ Integration
    • Work Values and Attitude Enhancement
    • Personality Development
    • Time and Stress Management
    • Communication
    • Personal Finance
    • Taxation
    • Organization Development
    • Digital Marketing
    • And more…
    You may refer to our list of speakers here…

    If you want to invite one of our speakers, here is our process:
    1. Meeting with the organizational leaders (executives, management level)
    2. Conducting the training needs analysis for the organization 
    3. Sending the proposal to the client
    4. Scheduling the training and workshop once the proposal is approved
    5. Executing the training
    6. Creating the post-report to determine the future plans for the organization



  • Jumpstart Your Leadership by JP Kho

    Leadership has been a big word for the past decade, but more so now. Social media and platforms such as TED Talk have increased awareness in this field. But more than that, they have created leaders, speakers, and bestselling authors out of everyday people that would not have been possible ten years ago. 

    All these awareness and even hype about leadership happens for a good reason – our society is changing at a rapid pace. At every point of change, we need leaders to pave the way. 

    You might be thinking, that’s all good for them. They have voices; they have results; they have networks. How about me? How do I find my voice? How can I create my message? How can I start my leadership journey? 

    If you check the profiles of these influencers, you will find that most, if not all of them, have spent the necessary time doing the dirty work of everyday leadership for years. These men and women have developed their leadership day in and day out in the trenches of the real world, with real people, solving real problems. 

    They are earned the right to be called a ‘leader’. You can do it as well. The following steps will help you jumpstart your leadership journey from point A – a point of absolutely no influence, to point B – the point where you can be recognized as a voice of influence in your community. 


    Everything great begins with a first step. The same is true for leadership. Somebody once said “To be great, you have to be good. To be good, you have to be bad. To be bad, you have to be the worst first, To be the worst, you first have to try." Leaders experience failures.

    To jumpstart your leadership journey, you have to set up your life in such a way that you will have no choice but to take on a leadership role. 

    Are you part of a company? Volunteer to help out in company activities and events. For example, you can volunteer to help out in your Christmas party event. You can volunteer to help out in your church’s Christmas drive. 

    Are you part of a team? Volunteer to take on additional responsibilities and work – even with work that you’re a beginner of. 

    Are you part of a family? Volunteer to do the dirty work. Volunteer to help out in the grocery or in taking charge of the laundry. 

    Did you see the common word? Volunteer. 

    When you begin to put yourself in a position to serve others, you are gaining not just experience, but respect and influence as well.


    If you actively engage with people, you will surely be able to hone your leadership qualities. However, reflection is the ingredient that will propel your leadership from linear improvements to exponential ones. Think about it this way: 

    Experience x Repetition = Linear Learning
    Experience x Repetition x Reflection = Exponential Learning

    I will never forget what my mentor Dennis Ong used to say – “be busy doing the work that needs to be done, but never too busy that you can’t stop and reflect on what you’ve done”. 

    To grow your leadership qualities, you have to be intentional. Reflection is one of the key things you need to find time to do.

    Reflect on the following questions after every engagement you make:

    • Did I make an impact?
    • What was my vision before the engagement and after the engagement? Did I achieve my original vision and objective?
    • What areas of my engagement did I have difficulty with? People? Time / Energy Management? Communication?
    • Who can mentor me on these areas?
    • What areas of my engagement did I experienced ease with? 
    • How can make my next engagement better?

    Seek feedback. This is one of the keys that successful leaders constantly do. Seek people who have had more success and failure than you and who you can see as an epitome or model of the leader you would want to be. Consider them to be your mentor. 

    Walk them through your life and leadership journey. Allow them to give you constructive feedback and criticism. Use these guide questions:

    • What can you say about my engagement?
    • What did I do well?
    • What can I improve on?
    • If you were me, what would your thinking process be about this engagement?
    • If you were me, how would you do things similarly or differently?

    3. REPEAT

    Repetition will always push you towards perfection. You may not achieve it, and certainly, leadership has dozens of aspects you can practice and work on. However, if you are dedicated to be a great leader, never stop engaging and never stop the reflection. That's the feedback process.

    4. GROWTH

    When you have participated in several engagements and when you have already gained improvements based on your reflection and feedback, it’s time for you to create what John Maxwell may say as a personal growth plan. 

    Again, this is one aspect of leadership that is heavily intentional. After getting the insights from your feedback sessions, can you spot a trend? What are your glaring strengths? What can you work on to complement your strengths? Create a growth plan that:

    Focuses on improving your strengths
    Focuses on improving your weaknesses THAT WILL complement your strengths

    Your growth plan may include planning future engagements or a learning plan that may include books and seminars that focus on the two items above.

    Jumpstarting your leadership journey is not easy, but it is doable. Focus not on being a leader at first, but on being engaged. Don’t neglect taking valuable time out to reflect on your experience, and get trusted mentors to help you see your blind spots. Continue your exposure to leadership experiences. Make sure that along the way, you have a growth path that you will follow to guide you to become the leader you have been designed to be. - JP KHO, 2018

    JP KHO is an IT Professional for more than 10 years and currently involved with projects that involve multi-national companies such as UNILAB. He's a bookworm as he also sells various books online as a business. Now, he is one of the speakers of Mzone Training under the Underdog Leadership Program. He is a husband and dad of two.

  • Team Building Facilitators Philippines

    Team building activities are often overlooked, but appropriately designed team building facilitation can bring results and boost the performance of your organization. 

    Mzone Training is a credible team building provider in the Philippines that can customize a team building program that can address the needs of your company. 

    Mzone has three categories for team building activities:
    • Team Bonding - this is for those organization that just wants to network, socialize, and have fun.
    • Team Building - this works best to starting organizations that do not have a team yet and would want to build their people.
    • Team Alignment - this is needed for those organizations that have internal conflicts  and concerns that needed to be addressed through the activities.

    Team building activities can be instrumental to bring growth to a company. Mzone can offer our signature team building program, Pinoy Ninja. It is a Filipino-themed and fun-filled program that aims to instill values such as camaraderie, communication, and commitment through Pinoy games. 

    We can also customize a program for you. You may refer to our team building process below so that we can assess your concerns and ensure that your needs are met:
    • Initial Interview - Mzone determines the vital information such as the audience profile, the goals of the team building, and the non-disclosure information (those information that the company would not want to disclose during the activities).
    • Program Proposal - Mzone sends an initial program to the client. If interested, the client can set a meeting.
    • Meeting - Mzone can meet the client in person or through online. This is when the program is finalized.
    • Final Program - Mzone sends the final program to the client.
    • Program Execution - Mzone executes the program properly to ensure that the participants are safe and are having fun.
    • Post Report (Optional) - The client can request a post-report and Mzone recommends followup programs that will be helpful to the organization.


  • Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Seminar Speaker

    Our current workforce are currently composed of Millennials. However, this generation was known to have an atypical tendency to switch jobs. According to the data from Gallup, Millennials in 2016 had a turnover rate of 21% as compared to roughly 7% of Gen-Xers and other non-millennials. 

    Nonetheless, Pew Research attempted to further study this phenomenon and compensate for the this difference. It was found that Millennial turnover and employer loyalty are just the same, if not slightly better than the previous generations. 

    If Millennials are not really job-hoppers as they were depicted to be, then why do companies still experience a high turnover rate from them? 

    Each behavior has a root and this is one of the things that Mzone Training attempts to answer when we conduct Work Attitudes and Values Enhancement Trainings and Seminar.

    Do you want a workshop that will provide a systematic approach to their behavioral issues? You can check Mzone’s signature Me2We WAVE program. We can also customize a program for you. 


  • Leadership Training Philippines 2019

    The growth and success of an organization depends on leadership. There are only two kinds of people in the world: bad leaders and good leaders. Bad leaders do nothing, but good leaders produces results.

    Leadership is intentional. Thus, a solid leadership training is needed to produce a high-quality performance from your employees and company. You need a credible speaker and/or trainer to identify the dysfunctions of your team and create solutions to potential threats and opportunities. You need timely and relevant leadership principles to which your junior, mid-level, and senior executives can adapt.

    Mzone Training has its signature leadership training programs. Mzone can also customize a program that will fit the needs of your organization.

    Email us at or fill out the online form below for us to know more about your upcoming learning event.



  • Work Life Balance Training Speaker in Manila

    Seasoned and successful people says that work could be stressful if we treat our work as work. Those who achieve highest fulfilment are those who treat their work as part of their daily lives. They get things done at work while thriving with their personal needs and responsibilities.  

    In this era, work life balance is no longer working. Most productive organizations would now refer to this as “Work Life Integration.” They encourage their employees strike the “win-win-win” mindset. It’s about contributing to the organization, other people, and self all at the same time. 

    What we do in the office is now part of our human system. There is time to work, there is time to rest. There is time to sacrifice, there is time to slow down. There is time to give, there is time to reap. 

    To attain work life integration, we need to work on our professional development and  personal leadership. This program helps you achieve that position, where you will be able to integrate your life and work without compromising either of the two. It is process and never happen over night. 

    This program will give you practical steps to integrate your work to life. 

    Mzone Training can provide a one-hour, half-day, and whole day training on Work-Life Integration. Contact us now to request a proposal. Email or fill out the online form below. 



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    Are you looking for a speaker on your event? Do you want to hire us for your workshop? Are you asking us to organize your team building? We are always willing to serve you. We are just a few clicks away!

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    Marlon is the Founding President of Mzone Training, a leadership speaker and best-selling author.

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    Venchito is a Co-Founder of SharpRocket, digital marketing expert and a career coach.

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    Monica is a Certified Speech Language Pathologist and Voice Coach for any professionals of various industries.

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    Jesse James is a Registered Financial Planner and a Personality Development Coach.

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    Ferds is an Organization Development Practioner and a Team Building Facilitator.

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    Domenic is a Certified Public Accountant and now finishing his Masters degree on Taxation.

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    These are the accredited speakers of the Underdog Leadership Program developed by Mzone Founder Marlon Molmisa.

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    The AMBK Speakers specialize in decision-making and solving problems in the 5 areas of life.

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    We do not compete, we collaborate. Check out our partner speakers from other training companies!


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