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We move people to their greater zones.


MZONE TRAINING was established in 2012 by its Founding President Marlon Molmisa. It started with a vision to help more individuals from various sectors and age groups to increase their potentials by developing their leadership skills. Its Founder highly believes in the power of strong leadership in building strong organizations which eventually can contribute to the strength of every nation.

For the past five years, Mzone focused on the development of schools and universities by training students and school leaders. Now, it is expanding its networks and serving more corporate clients. Our story continues. We are excited to reach more locations all over the globe.


We are discovering, developing, and deploying speakers, trainers and consultants who provide informative, inspirational, and interactive learning experience in every organization, in every generation, in every culture and in every nation.


To be one of the most credible and leading training company and talent management of speakers and trainers in the globe.


Our company is fueled by our core values. These are the pillars of our success. These are the non-negotiables that we apply in every transaction that we have. These the the 5 core values of Mzone Training.

Faith 100%
Leadership 100%
Relationships 100%
Passion 100%
Service 100%
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Speakers Hub

Our primary goal is to discover and develop speakers and trainers. As of now, we have 6 homegrown speakers and 19 accredited trainers for our two main programs.


Mzone Training specializes in soft-skill workshops, public events and HR related training that can develop people and the organization.

Team Buildings

At Mzone, there are three categories for our team building facilitation: (1) Team Building - for new organizations. (2) Team Alignment - for struggling organizations. (3) Team Bonding - for healthy organizations.


We publish ideas. Our business is continuing education which comes in any form. This includes books. We sell books that are useful for the development of people.


We meet our clients over a coffee or in a board room. It is in the form a one-on-one coaching to make the best plan for their career, business and/or organization. We create results and not just have meetings.

Digital Marketing

We can boost your business through digital marketing. We can handle your social media accounts, create powerful posts, and generate outputs from any online initiatives.

Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines Leadership Speakers Philippines
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    Hundreds of Holy Namians heard Monica as she spoke about Self-Leadership and Excellence.

    She emphasized that the real enemy of excellence is mediocrity. The audience were so vibrant and dynamic.

    Our speaker received great feedbacks from the students. We are excited to serve them again!

    To invite Monica Molmisa on your event, kindly send an email to or hit the FREE QUOTE button below. We would love to serve you!

    Represented by more than 8 countries. Different cultures. One team.

    Everyone was empowered when these leaders started to reflect from every team building activity. These group is excellent, vibrant and deeply motivated. What a privilege to serve such organization!

    The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is a worldwide humanitarian aid organization that reaches 160 million people each year through its 190-member National Societies.

    If you are looking for a corporate team building facilitator, you may try us! We make sure to give you a positive memorable learning experience. Email us at

    Mzone Training conducted its first Underdog Leadership Speakers Accreditation last June 2, 2018 at the The Legend Villas, Mandaluyong City. That day, 18 leaders were certified to execute the module of the Underdog Leadership Program.

    Underdog Leadership was designed by Mzone Training Founder Marlon Molmisa to address a common question: "How can a small person create a big impact?" The hyphothesis of this leadership principle is: "Great people always go back to where they have started."

    Underdog Leaders are defined as: 

    (1) Great leaders have great depth - pains, hurts, defeats and victories.

    (2) Great leaders are those who came from the bottom up and go back again to the bottom to build others up.

    (3) Great leaders are those who were born on the top (rich, influential family, gifted) and are intentional in going to the bottom to build people up.

    (4) Great leaders are those who love to work at the bottom to build others up.

    (5) Great leaders are those who go back to their original design and Creator - God.

    Underdog Leadership Program has three main goals.

    > To help underdogs achieve their highest potentials.
    > To formulate and disseminate leadership strategies that are simple, biblical, and practical.
    > To build a community of Underdog Leaders.

    Now, these 18 certified underdog speakers are being deployed to different events and organizations to share the message of our community. If you want to bring the Underdog Leadership Program to your team, feel free to email us at


    Are you looking for a speaker on your event? Do you want to hire us for your workshop? Are you asking us to organize your team building? We are always willing to serve you. We are just a few clicks away!

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    Marlon is the Founding President of Mzone Training, a leadership speaker and best-selling author.

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    Venchito is a Co-Founder of SharpRocket, digital marketing expert and a career coach.

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    Monica is a Certified Speech Language Pathologist and Voice Coach for any professionals of various industries.

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    Jesse James is a Registered Financial Planner and a Personality Development Coach.

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    Ferds is an Organization Development Practioner and a Team Building Facilitator.

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    Domenic is a Certified Public Accountant and now finishing his Masters degree on Taxation.

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    These are the accredited speakers of the Underdog Leadership Program developed by Mzone Founder Marlon Molmisa.

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    The AMBK Speakers specialize in decision-making and solving problems in the 5 areas of life.

    Leadership Speaker Philippines


    We do not compete, we collaborate. Check out our partner speakers from other training companies!


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