Our Leadership


The Mzone Training PH's leadership structure is plain and simple. All decision-making is centralized and directed to the two leading key players of the company who drive our organization's success, the husband-and-wife Marlon Molmisa (Founding President) and Monica Molmisa (General Manager).

As a sole proprietorship business, they are fully aware that outstanding leadership is essential to building a high-performing and sustainable organization at our company. That's why Mzone Training PH has joined the Azcend Group, a team of dynamic leaders and entrepreneurs passionate about what they do and committed to driving results. Marlon and Monica, with the Azcend Group Board of Members, composed the Leadership Team of the Mzone Training PH.

The Azcend Group's members sit as the accountability partners of the company. They are responsible for guiding our company's strategic direction, overseeing operations, and ensuring we deliver exceptional value to our clients. They bring a wealth of experience from various industries, including business development, finance, marketing, and operations. 

Our company's success reflects our leadership team's expertise and dedication. Our leaders are committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence that empowers our employees to deliver outstanding client results.

They are experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, bringing a wealth of knowledge, skills, and perspectives to the table. Together, they embody our company's values and mission, inspiring us to push boundaries and achieve new heights.


The story of Mzone Training PH began in 2012.

Between 2012 and 2015, Our Founding President, Marlon Molmisa, became a solo entrepreneur trying to build the company's foundation. His passion for learning and people development inspired him to dream bigger for the company. 

Until he realized that he couldn't do it alone. 

In 2016, a Speech-Language Pathologist, Monica Shiena Sagad (now Monica Shiena Molmisa), joined Mzone Training PH as a volunteer admin staff. Monica contributed so much to the back-end support, operations, and management. She also shared her wisdom on creating the Team Building Department of the Mzone Training. 

Monica became one of the success drivers of the company that led Mzone Training PH to achieve a 121% increase in sales in 2019 compared to the previous calendar year. 

Statistically, the growth of Mzone started when Monica got on board the team in 2016. The husband-wife tandem works significantly in the setup of Mzone Training, earning seven digits per year with a small group of workers. 

You may check Marlon's and Monica's short bios here. 

Updated 08 May 2023