How to Start Public Speaking Business


Are you planning to jumpstart your speaking and training career? Would you like to thrive in this kind of business and advocacy? Are you afraid of losing too much investments? Mzone Training Philippines has organized a learning community that is worth your time and resources. Together with the best-selling speakers and authors in the Asia, they will share the tips on how you can elevate your aspirations in the industry.

Anyone can build their speaking career and training company. Anyone can write and publish their own book. But not everyone can shine as some people do. Your message is essential as well as the way you share it to the world. It takes good habits to find your own niche and establish your brand that can impact the lives of other people. 

The Selling Your Message Workshop - Level Up! is organized to mentor a few passionate people on how they can launch their speaking, training and writing career with a strong and good foundation. It consists of a whole-day hands-on workshop and series of online sessions where the participants will be able to discover the golden secrets of the best-selling authors and speakers.

The facilitators in this workshop invested hundreds and thousands of pesos, even up to a million, to equip themselves to achieve the prestigious status that they are experiencing now. In other words, this program can help you have a successful journey through their tested and proven habits. You will learn the most practical approach on how you can become the next best-selling author and speaker. 

Wait, there’s more! Mzone Training Philippines will make sure that after this program, you will be able to start your training company or speaking career through our free consultations and available ready-made templates that can build your operations and system. Through this event, Mzone Training Philippines seeks to build a network of collaborators, not a competitor. 


This workshop aims to give opportunities for the participants to:

  • jumpstart their speaking, training or writing career;
  • practice the secret habits of the best-selling authors and speakers;
  • integrate public speaking and story telling skills to their professional development;
  • gain from the insights and experiences of the other participants;
  • connect with the other participants and speakers to explore new business opportunities;
  • pitch their ideas, stories and manuscripts to our speakers; and
  • increase profit and opportunities through updated and tested marketing practices for speakers, trainers, and authors.



  • Public speaking exercises of high-paid speakers
  • Preparing for a memorable and “wow” message 
  • “Eating rejections for breakfast” for speakers and trainers
  • Baby steps towards your speaking and training career
  • Building credibility and a likeable brand
  • Speaking with no dull moment
  • Mastering your craft
  • Effective story-telling and sharing of your inspirational stories
  • Generating income through speaking


  • Defining your tract: speaking, training, writing
  • Setting up your legal speaking & training business
  • Government requirements for training companies
  • Updated and effective marketing tools for speakers & trainers
  • How to get speaking invitations and training projects
  • End-to-end process from marketing to post-speaking/training
  • Handling inquiries and closing deals
  • Getting repeat clients
  • Perks of books for speakers and trainers
  • Template of Prospects, Hot Leads, and Clients Database


Session I: Why Should You Write a Book?
Session II: Preparing a Striking Book Title & Manuscript
Session III: Step-by-Step Process in Writing a Book
Session IV: The Pros and Cons of Self-published Books & Books Under Publishers
Session V: Winning the heart of the publishers


Session I: Building an Influence in the Speaking & Training Business
Session II: Basic Accounting for Speakers and Trainers
Session III: Business Ethics for Speakers and Trainers
Session IV: Equipping a Training and Speaking Assistant
Session VI: Creating Your Speaking and Training Portfolio
Session V: Effective Handling of Business Meeting for Speakers & Trainers

Template of Training and Speaking Needs Analysis Form
Template of Speaking and Training Conforme
Template of Post-Report
Template of Speaking and Training Projects Database
Template of Evaluation Forms

* pre-recorded | uploaded online | can be accessed anytime.


Speakers, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Editors, Professionals, Employees, Freelancers, Bloggers, Managers, Students, and those who would like to explore the speaking, training and writing business.



JAYSON LO is a best-selling author and most sought Filipino motivational speaker who has already done over 2,000 talks in over a decade of public speaking experience. He has spoken to audiences in different countries such as Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Kuwait to name some. 

Jayson is an entrepreneur by heart. He pioneered companies in various industries including direct selling, manufacturing, trading, and the restaurant business. He is also in the field of sales and marketing where he has consistently been at the top 5 in their organization of over twenty thousand. 

From being a millionaire, he lost it all at the age of 31. His misfortune cost him millions and incurred millions of debt. God is good though, he was able to payback his debts in two years. This experience has made him stronger and wiser as he shared it in his talk, “Be Debt Free” to thousands of people. His message is not just about success, it is about the real definition of success. 

He is the author of the best-selling book “YOUnique: Understanding Others by Understanding YOU” that is about knowing the 4 personality styles to help identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. The book will help enhance your people skills, which lead to fruitful relationships enabling an individual to work and win with people anywhere. Other sequels are the “YOUnique Youth” (for young people) and “Youniquely In Love” (for love life). He also authored the “Debtermined” that shares practical tips on how to be debt free.

Jayson Lo educates and entertains! He has conducted talks for various people from all walks of life including: company events, business conferences, corporate training, sales rallies, schools, and non-profit organizations. From speaking to less than 10 people for training workshops, to keynoting for thousands of attendees, Jayson’s primary aim is for positive life change.

Jayson’s engaging and always relevant workshops span a wide variety of subjects, ranging from personality development to finance, from leadership to sales. His presentations are an eclectic of the best – from his experiences as an entrepreneur, extensive research, and study on the subject presented.


RONALD MOLMISA is the author of the best-selling relationship books, the Lovestruck series published by OMF Literature: Lovestruck (Love Mo Siya, Sure Ka Ba?) (2010), Lovestruck: Singles Edition (2012) and Lovestruck: Sexy Edition (2013), Lovestruck: Sakit Edition (2014), Lovestruck: Sweetheart Edition (2015), Lovestruck: Sakit No More Edition (2016), and Lovestruck: Shanaba? Edition (2018).

His other books include Pass or Fail? (How to be the best student ever) (2011), Pinoy Big Values (2014) with Rei Lemuel Crizaldo as co-author, Pass or Fail? Book 2: How to be the Best Youth Ever (2015), Pass or Fail? Book 3 (How to be the Best Yuppie Ever) (2017) and Papunta pa lang kami, Pabalik na Kayo (How to Understand and Love Your Parents) (2019).

RONALD is an academic researcher by training and discipline and a minister by calling. He graduated Valedictorian at Rizal High School-Pasig City (Batch 1995), obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and his Master in International Studies (major in Political Science) in 2001 and 2005, respectively at UP Diliman. He is currently finishing his post-graduate degree in Christian Counseling at Alliance Graduate School-Quezon City.

Ronald spearheads the Lovestruck Movement, founded on June 2013. He has been serving in the youth ministry for more than two decades. He is the Founding President and Head Pastor of Generation 3:16 Ministries, ministry focused on discipling the younger generation and Filipino families.

Before embracing full-time ministry in June 2013, he served as a professor of political science at the following universities: UP-Diliman (2010- 2013), Lyceum University of the Philippines-Manila (June-October 2010), De La Salle University Manila (2007-2009) and Ateneo de Manila University (2006-2008). He started as a university researcher at the Third World Studies Center, UP-Diliman (2002-2005).

His specialization revolves around the following: relationship counseling (premarital, marriage and family), responsible sexuality, socio-political analysis, youth ministry and leadership. He is a regular writer and socio-political analyst for Oras na Pilipinas (Pananaw Pinoy section), a daily morning program of Far East Broadcasting Company-Philippines (702 DZAS). He has also been featured in "Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho" as a regular Marriage and Relationships Counselor.

He is happily married to Margarita “Ate Gigi” Molmisa, his divine helpmate and precious pearl.


MARLON MOLMISA is a fast-rising leadership and corporate speaker who has been in training and talent development industry for more than 7 years. He is the Founding President of Mzone Training Philippines, awarded as one of the best workshops providers in the Philippines (2013). He is also the Lead Firestarter / Founder of Elevaxion Inc, a Christian non-profit organization for servant leaders and speakers. Since 2014, Marlon has pioneered and developed several businesses across the Philippines from various industries such as health & wellness, gas, retail, construction, publication, and general services.

MARLON served as part of the Management Committee (ManCom) and Business Development Team of BGM Corporation from 2014 to 2017. In 2013, he was invited by the Junior Chambers International Makati to be a judge of The 10 Outstanding Students of Makati. In the same year, he received a certificate on Social Entrepreneurship and Youth Leadership at the Ateneo de Manila University School of Government.

In 2011, he became a member of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig Board of Regents. In the same year, he received an Integrity Award from the Pasig Student Consumers Coop, University Leadership Award, and Socio-Civic Award from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig.

He worked as a Business Development Officer for a short-time period with one of the first and best training and talent development firms in the Philippines, Businessmaker Academy. This is where he first learned the foundations of a training company and explored HR and Talent Development as he became part of a team that organizers the HR Club Philippines and HR Leadership Summit. Marlon is forever grateful to be part of the Businessmaker Academy.

More than being a speaker, Marlon loves developing curriculum and creating training designs. He is a licensed professional teacher in the Philippines and had a three-year experience in academe as an elementary and high school teacher before he shifted into business. His discipline in developing lesson plans made him powerful in delivering talks and helping companies and organizations achieve their immediate needs.

Currently, Marlon is finishing his Masters in Public Management at the Ateneo de Manila University - School of Government.

Marlon is a certified DISC Practitioner and is being mentored by one of the best-selling authors in the Philippines, Jayson Lo. He is also one of the first accredited facilitators of Ken Blanchard’s Ignite Youth Leadership Program, certified by Breakthrough Leadership Management (subsidiary of Salt and Light Ventures).


JOEL CACANINDIN also known as the “Salesman Dad” has been in sales and distribution for more than 24 years as he is one of the consistent top Business Development Executives of the United Laboratories (UNILAB) Inc, the largest pharmaceutical in the Philippines.

Joel earned his Nursing degree at Fatima University and passed the Licensure Exam as the 19th placer in the 1995 Nursing Board Examination. He earned his Masters degree in Business Administration from Philippine Christian University and currently finishing his Doctorate degree in Public Administration from the said same school.

He became the President of Metro Lipa Toastmasters, one of the clubs of an international organization that empowers individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. Currently, he is serving as an Area Director of Toastmasters in Batangas area. He received the President’s Distinguished Award from the Toastmasters International and an International Speech Championship Award in 2017.

Joel is an accredited professional speaker and trainer of Mzone Training Philippines, an emerging learning and people development firm in the Philippines. He is now pursuing public speaking and training as a mission to add value to people especially to the next generation professionals and leaders.


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