Work Attitude Values Enhancement Speaker Philippines

Are you challenged to handle your talents' work attitudes? Do you want to have some alignment?

Our current workforce is currently composed of the majority of Millennials. This generation was known to have an atypical tendency to switch jobs. According to the data from Gallup, Millennials in 2016 had a turnover rate of 21% as compared to roughly 7% of Gen-Xers and other non-millennials. 

As a company composed of Millennials, we can say that "being a Millennial is not the main reason why a company is failing." What makes an organization fall is because of "attitude."

A positive attitude is essential to success in today's competitive work environment. As the saying goes, "attitude determines altitude," which rings true in the workplace. Employers are constantly seeking individuals who possess not only the right skills but also the right mindset. This is where the WORK ATTITUDE AND VALUES ENHANCEMENT (WAVE) PROGRAM comes in. 

But what exactly are work attitude values? They are the beliefs and behaviors that govern an individual's approach to work. These values include professionalism, dedication, teamwork, accountability, adaptability, etc.

In the Philippines, many organizations have already recognized the importance of work attitude values enhancement (WAVE) and have sought the services of experts to run a program like this. Whether in the form of workshops, seminars, or training programs, these speakers and providers offer a range of services catering to different organizations' needs.

The Me2We Program of Mzone Training PH

A working attitude values enhancement program's primary goal is to help individuals develop a positive mindset toward work by instilling these values. They provide guidance, tools, and strategies to help individuals improve their work attitude, which, in turn, can lead to improved job satisfaction, productivity, and overall success.

In Mzone, we have developed a WAVE Training known as the Me2We. This is a fun-filled learning session where the participants are expected to:
  • * be aware of their strengths, weaknesses, sweet spots, and working styles;
  • * get practical and proven habits on productivity, self-improvement, and self-discipline;
  • * complement their innate attributes to their colleagues and the company's culture;
  • * start building positive relationships within the organization;
  • * choose to produce results for their company's growth and positive transformation; and
  • * collaborate and realign their core values to their organization's corporate values and goals.

Why "Me2We?"

The first part of the program is to start with the discussion of "Me" and appreciate one's value and potential. It begins with awareness of strengths, weaknesses, triggers, and capacities. Once the participants understand his valuable skills, they can already be encouraged to contribute to others and their organization. 

At the end of the program, the WAVE speaker will emphasize the discussion on professionalism and teamwork, teaching individuals how to work collaboratively towards a common goal. The trainer will also teach individuals how to project a professional image in the workplace.

It consists of sharing their experiences and successes and inspiring others to adopt a positive mindset toward work. The ultimate goal is to improve their work attitude values. Not only will they learn valuable skills and strategies, but they will also gain a renewed sense of motivation and inspiration toward their work.

Can we add value to your organization through our Me2We: Team Leadership program?

Remember, having a positive work attitude is essential in today's competitive work environment. If we work together, we assure you that our expertise is to help individuals and organizations develop a positive mindset towards work and lead their talents to improved job satisfaction, productivity, and overall success.

It would be our pleasure to serve you!