Team Building Facilitators Philippines

Looking for Professional Team Building Facilitators for your upcoming corporate rally?

Recently, many "fly-by-night" affordable corporate team building facilitators in the Philippines are flooding social media. They will give you a friendly rate (and that's good!), but it might be a source of your career nightmare.

Looking for someone with experience in the team building industry and a track record of success is important. Good facilitators should be able to provide references and examples of previous work, as well as a clear plan for achieving your organization's goals.  Credible team building facilitators understand the importance of measuring results. They provide metrics that demonstrate the effectiveness of their program, such as increased productivity, improved communication, and higher employee satisfaction.

TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES are often overlooked, but appropriately designed team building facilitation can bring results and boost an organization's performance. 

Tailor-fit team building activities can cover various topics, including leadership, communication, and conflict resolution. By investing in the development of employees, organizations can create a more skilled and engaged workforce.

Best team building activities can help build strong relationships among team members and can encourage collaboration and communication. As a result, it can foster a positive work environment. To ensure a successful team building experience, it's essential to have a skilled facilitator who can guide the process. Many team-building facilitators are available in the Philippines to help organizations achieve their goals. One of them is the Mzone Training. 

Mzone Training is a credible team building provider in the Philippines that can customize a program that addresses your company's needs. Mzone Training offers various services that can help organizations of all sizes and industries. Mzone facilitators are trained to create customized team-building programs that cater to each organization's unique needs. They can also provide consultation services to help identify areas for improvement and create a roadmap for success.

One of the benefits of working with Mzone Training is their extensive knowledge of the local culture and business practices. Mzone understands organizations' and talents' (employees') challenges in the Philippines and can tailor the team building approach based on the current needs. 

Mzone has three categories for team building activities:

  1. TEAM BONDING - this is for organizations that only wish to network, socialize, and have fun.
  2. TEAM BUILDING - this works best for starting organizations that do not have a team structure yet and would want to build their people from a clean slate. 
  3. TEAM ALIGNMENT - this is needed for organizations with internal conflicts and concerns that must be addressed through various team building activities and in-depth processing.

Another advantage of working with the team building facilitators of Mzone Training is their ability to create fun and engaging activities that promote teamwork and communication. These activities can include outdoor adventures, group challenges, and team-building games that are designed to improve communication, problem-solving, and collaboration skills.

Team building activities can be instrumental in bringing growth to a company. Mzone Teambuilding offers programs, including its flagship, Pinoy Ninja. It is a Filipino-themed and fun-filled program that aims to instill values such as camaraderie, communication, and commitment through Pinoy games. Other programs are seen below: 

We can also customize a program for you. You may refer to our team building process below so that we can assess your concerns and ensure that your needs are met:

  1. INITIAL INTERVIEW - Mzone determines the vital information such as the audience profile, the goals of the team building, and the non-disclosure information (that information that the company would not want to disclose during the activities).
  2. PROGRAM PROPOSAL - Mzone sends an initial program to the client. If interested, the client can set a meeting.
  3. MEETING - Mzone can meet the client in person or online. This is when the program is finalized.
  4. FINAL PROGRAM - Mzone sends the final program to the client.
  5. PROGRAM EXECUTION - Mzone executes the program properly to ensure the participants are safe and having fun.
  6. POST REPORT (Optional) - The client can request a post-report, and Mzone recommends follow-up programs that will be helpful to the organization.