Corporate Speakers and Trainers in the Philippines

Corporate speakers and trainers have become increasingly popular in the Philippines recently. These professionals offer various services, from motivational talks to team-building workshops, to help companies improve their performance and achieve their goals.

They are experts in their field and have extensive experience working with different organizations. They provide insights, guidance, and strategies to help companies overcome challenges and improve performance.

What are the benefits of hiring a corporate speaker or trainer for your organization? 

1. They can provide fresh perspectives.  They give excellent point-of-views on issues that companies may have struggled with for some time. They can also bring new ideas and techniques to help companies achieve their objectives.

2. They can provide tailored solutions. Their priority is their clients' specific needs. A credible trainer can identify interventions necessary to address the organization's concerns. Whether it's through team-building workshops, motivational talks, or other services. It may help improve communication and collaboration among team members or inspire employees to be more productive and motivated.

Who are the Mzone Training PH Speakers?

Since 2022, Mzone Training PH formalized its partnership with Azcend Leadership through the Azcend Group in developing professional speakers and corporate trainers in the Philippines. All speakers of Mzone Training are under the management of Azcend Leadership. Some of them are the following:


Marlon Molmisa is a Filipino leadership speaker, corporate trainer, author, and talent manager who has been in the learning and talent development industry since 2012. He is the Founding President of Mzone Training Philippines, the current Chairman and President of Azcend Leadership and Consulting Corporation, the Chief Operating Officer of Molmisa Ventures Corporation, and the Founding Chairman of Elevaxion, Inc.

Marlon is venturing into the food business as an investor and Board Member of Olivz Food Corporation. Aside from his own companies, he has helped entrepreneurs and business owners pioneer enterprises in various industries such as retail, distribution, gas and oil, health and wellness, publishing, marketing, and construction. In 2010, he served as a Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig Board of Regents member. Marlon earned his Master in Public Management (MPM) at the Ateneo de Manila University - School of Government.

He is the author of inspirational books: Ang Mahalaga Bumangon Ka and The Game Plan of the Underdog. He is also a licensed professional teacher who maximizes his purpose in training and public speaking.


Paul Eguia graduated as an Industrial Engineer from Mapua University – Manila, where he started his life coaching career in school organizations and different young professional groups. Eventually, it expanded in the Philippines as part of World International Ministries and its affiliated non-profit organizations. He has been doing personality development coaching, business consulting, and personality development mentoring for more than 15 years already.

He walks his talk as he has built his extensive decade-long experience in the corporate world and pioneered different businesses, particularly in the construction, trading, and food industry. Currently, he helps and mentors SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and owners to establish their organizations through strategic planning, employee engagement, leadership, and management training.

In 2019, Paul launched the Think Up PH, a Digital Life Coaching Platform focusing on improving self-awareness and relationship management. Through the said platform, he shares personal insights and interviews celebrities and TV personalities to give powerful advice to its viewers. The Think Up PH is now broadcasted through LightTV Channel 33 of Zoe Broadcasting (co-owner of A2Z) and other social media platforms.

In 2021, Paul’s Think Up PH was formally merged into Azcend Leadership & Consulting as the company's official life coaching and consultancy brand. Moreover, Paul Eguia is a Director, shareholder, and Chief Strategy Officer of Azcend Leadership & Consulting.


Monica Shiena Sagad-Molmisa, RSLP, is a speaker, writer, teacher, and Certified Speech-Language Pathologist who has already spoken and trained thousands of people in various fields. She is the Operations Manager of Mzone Training Philippines and Azcend Leadership. She is also the Chief Operating Officer of Molmisa Ventures Corporation. This family-owned business is developing e-learning materials that are digitally distributed all over the United States, Canada, and Australia.

She is one of the few Augmentative and Alternative Communication Specialists in the Philippines after receiving her certificate in AAC from the University of the Philippines Manila in 2018.

She is a Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology graduate at the University of the Philippines - Manila and is a current Special Lecturer at the said university. She has experience working at different centers and hospitals, including the Medical City and Makati Medical Center. 

She is an achiever as she was the valedictorian of her batch in high school and grade school at Paco Catholic School, the largest Parochial School in the Philippines. She was also awarded the Most Outstanding Achiever of the Year by the school in 2008 for being involved in several organizations, contests, and other extracurricular activities.

Her expertise has already been featured on TV, radio, online, and newsprints. She also co-authored the leadership book, “The Game Plan of the Underdog.”

More than being a speaker, she is married to a best-selling book author and a leadership speaker, Marlon Molmisa.

Work with us!

Mzone Training / Azcend Leadership Speakers have become particularly popular in the technology and BPO industries, with a high demand for skilled and motivated employees. These industries are highly competitive, and companies constantly seek new ways to improve their performance and stay ahead.

They also offer virtual training and speaking services, making it easier for companies to access them regardless of location. This has become particularly important after the COVID-19 pandemic, where many companies have shifted to remote work arrangements. Whether in-person or online, Mzone Speakers and Trainers are professionals who can provide valuable insights and strategies to help companies succeed.

Aside from the above-mentioned in-house talents, we also have a pool of partner speakers and trainers who are experts in various fields, such as the following:
  1. Basic Leadership Training
  2. Work-Life Balance/ Work-Life Integration
  3. Work Values and Attitude Enhancement
  4. Personality Development
  5. Time and Stress Management
  6. Communication
  7. Personal Finance
  8. Taxation
  9. Organization Development
  10. Digital Marketing
  11. And more…

Can we add value to your organization through our speakers and trainers? 

Together, let us improve your talents' performance and achieve your growth goals for your team. If you wish to work with us, please complete the form below to schedule our initial meeting.